So, for the past maybe two or so years, maybe more, I have kept my cellphone on silent. That’s right. Not even vibrate. I haven’t even the slightest idea of what my notifications sound like. If you have an emergency and you need to call someone, DON’T CALL ME. I’m SO SERIOUS right now. DON’T DO IT! Or at least do so at your own risk. I probably won’t know until hours later that you even tried to call me. You’ve been warned. Keeping my phone on silent has changed my life for the better. I wish I had started doing it from the moment I got my first cellphone. Anyway, here are a few reasons why a silent phone is my preference.


When I receive a text or a call, nine time out of ten, I am not in the mood to answer it. It’s nothing personal against whoever reached out to me, it’s just that I prefer not to talk to anyone MOST of the time. But when my sound is on, I can hear the text or call right when I receive it and I feel a certain amount of pressure to respond to it right away even though I don’t want to. When my phone is on silent on the other hand, I may not even see the text until a few hours later at which point I feel

  1. Less guilty about not responding because I honest to goodness didn’t know that I was was being contacted (whereas if the sound was on I would be feeling guilty about hearing it and ignoring it.)

  2. Less pressure to respond because it’s already been a while since the notification came through anyway. So what’s another hour or two? BONUS: If it’s late when I realize that I have a missed text/call, I can justify not responding until the next day.

  3. Grateful that the notification didn’t interrupt my silence, thus killing my vibe while also leaving me with the thought in the back of head that I have to remember to call/text so-and-so back later.


When I’m getting a lot of notifications throughout the day, be it texts, calls, Netflix notifications or otherwise, I tend to feel very frazzled. The constant, random dings and buzzes really put me on edge. I think it’s the spontaneity of it all. When it comes to outside stimuli, I prefer to see it coming. I like to know exactly what’s going to happen and when. Also, I prefer more soothing and gentle sounds than my cellphone’s catalog has to offer. And, I suppose that I could just download a more relaxing tone, but nothing is more relaxing to me than sweet silence. I mean, silence IS golden after all.


There are those times for me when all of the stars and planets are aligned and someone contacts me and I’m actually happy to hear from them. It’s nice to pick up your phone and see a missed call or text from someone that you’ve been thinking about at a moment when you wouldn’t mind some conversation. Or maybe you’re bored, so you pick up your phone and you see a notification that says that your favorite YouTuber has uploaded a new video, or that a podcast that you enjoy has put out something new, or maybe a show that you like on Netflix has finally released a new season. These are all pleasant surprises that just aren’t the same when you get the notification right away. At least for me. I personally like the fact that every time that I pick up my phone there’s the possibility of a special treat waiting for me. Maybe more people should try that out.

Anyway, do you like to keep your phone on silent, sound or vibrate? Tell me which one and why down below!

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