5 Things That Introverts HATE!

Being an introvert can be tough! Here's a blog post about five things that introverts HATE.

Introverts are often misunderstood and prejudged. People often assume the wrong things about us based upon our actions and behaviors. And while it is understandable because not everyone is an introvert so OF COURSE not everyone is properly informed about what it even means to be one, that doesn’t mean that we don’t sometimes grow frustrated.

Like for instance, when I google the word “introvert”, the first definition that pops up is “a shy, reticent person.” A couple of things: One, not all introverts are shy. And two, while we can be reticent, we aren’t always this way depending on the person/people in our presence. So, this is just an overall inaccurate definition because it’s not even really true. That’s frustrating because someone who may be trying to understand what it means to be introverted would be COMPLETELY steered in the wrong direction. It’s bad when even definitions are stereotyping you.

Anyway, faulty definitions aside, here are another five things that introverts HATE.


I get that it may be sort of easy to accidentally bulldoze over the quiet person. I also understand that sometimes you may grow impatient waiting for us to carefully word what we’re trying to say, as we often do. But, we hate it when we are cut off! Imagine listening to someone talk and talk and talk only to be cut off when you have something to add or share.

Introverts are great listeners and we actually ENJOY listening. But, sometimes we feel used or taken advantage of when you go to speak and are abruptly interrupted. It’s disheartening and quite frankly, annoying as hell.


We are who we are! A lot of people seem to think that being introverted is some sort of mental illness, like having depression or OCD. Well, it’s not. And introverts aren’t broken so it can be quite annoying when people try to “fix” us. People who aren’t introverts will sometimes take us on as a project of sorts and try to make us more extroverted.

They’ll often see introverted as bad and extroverted as good. First of all, you can’t change an introvert into an extrovert (unless you know how to change how one processes dopamine). And second, it’s incredibly rude to assume that someone would rather be more like you. Just saying.


If you are planning to visit an introvert, for the love all things good, PLEASE make sure that they know you’re coming. A lot of people love a nice surprise visit, but it’s safe to say that your introvert buddy does not.

Here’s the thing with introverts, we have to mentally and physically prepare to be around others because it takes energy for us to do so. Now, we do love be visited by our loved ones, but we just need a heads up is all.


Now this one sort of goes hand in hand with unannounced visitors, but it’s a bit different. Here’s an example. My aunt wanted to take me out to eat at my favorite restaurant for my 21st birthday. When we got to the restaurant she saw a friend of hers with her kids and greeted them.

When we were seated at our table, I noticed that they were coming with us! It took a few minutes for me to realize that my aunt had actually invited them along. I didn’t even know these people! I was completely dumbfounded and caught off guard. Luckily for me, I had invited my best friend to meet us there so things weren’t AS awkward.

Introverts like to know what they are walking into. If there are going to be eight other people there, we want to know. We want to know how many people will be there and who they are so that we can prepare accordingly.


Introverts often find themselves turning down invites and in the process offending others. Here’s the thing though, nine times out of ten it is nothing personal to the person that they are saying no to. The fact of the matter is that introverts NEED to be alone sometimes. Alone time is absolutely essential to our sanity and well being.

So when someone decides to get all mad and take it the wrong way, that can be aggravating. Especially when the introvert was trying their best to not come off the wrong way. It would be nice if it was understood that not everyone wants to be around others ALL THE TIME. We need breaks sometimes.

So there were five of the things that I don’t like as an introvert. What are some things that you don’t like? Answer in the comments down below! Also, be sure to follow me on my social media accounts!

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Being an introvert can be tough! Here's a blog post about five things that introverts HATE.

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  1. When people point out you are starting to open up to them, and they don’t let it go. They start pushing you to open up more quickly, then get mad when you don’t open up. First, you’re not getting a medal for getting me to open up, and you won’t get anymore out of me. Second, I’m now questioning your motives.

    1. Omg, yes I hate that! When people don’t let you open up to them at your own pace and then it makes you regret doing it in the first place. Forcing it doesn’t help, it slows down the process!

  2. HI. I’m so glad that you mentioned the Google definition. I think it is incorrect and should be updated. And I don’t like the fact that introverts are often overlooked for leadership positions and introverts actually make less money than extroverts. Sorry can’t find the reference for the last one. Get post. Thanks!

    1. Yes, the definition has to be what’s most frustrating. It makes it more difficult for both introverts and the people trying to learn about them. Introverts get paid less money? Wow, I need to look into that. Thank you for your comment, Lesley!

  3. I agree, introverts are always made to feel like they’re sick for being who they are. I must say I particularly hate ambush and unscheduled visits even if I was being invited or someone visits me. It’s like you have to force yourself to come out of your ‘comfort-zone’ or place of peace and normalcy to meet the people. I prefer being informed earlier to give me time to reset…

    1. Yes ambushes are the worst! Talk about being caught off guard. And then you have to adjust yourself and that just takes sooo much of your energy. Thanks for your comment, Eileen!

  4. Ohmygosh, Tiffany, your timing is ridiculous. I just looked up introvert like two weeks ago and, for the first time, saw that “shy” was included in the definition. I thought, “Really?!” And, as far as being cut off, that’s my number one pet peeve. It takes me forever to decide to participate in a conversation, so if you cut me off, I’m out. So annoying and rude!

    1. Haha that’s crazy! But yeah, seeing the word “shy” in the definition honestly felt like a slap in the face. I couldn’t believe it! And being cut off is definitely up there for me as well, it REALLY grinds my gears. Thanks for stopping by, Rachel!

  5. Literally just finished writing a blog post on the same topic! It’s going live tomorrow!

    But you’re absolutely right about the definitions being incorrect! I’m living proof that introverts can be confident and bold!

    1. Haha great minds think alike! And yea I’m so sick of the stigma that’s associated with introversion. I’ll be sure to check your post out!

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