About Introvert Meets World

Being an introvert isn’t always the easiest. This world seems to be tailor-made for extroverts and being an introvert often comes with a stigma of sorts. Often, introversion is made to seem “weird” or “foreign” in some way. Almost like introverts are aliens or something. With this thought in mind, Tiffany (the site’s founder) came up with the name¬†Introvert Meets World. She sort of wanted to run away with the whole idea of introverts being looked at as alien-like and show all the supposed “normies” what it’s like for an introvert in a world where society mostly doesn’t cater to our specific needs/wants. This is also a place for introverts to connect with one another and to just relate to each other. A safe place of sorts. A home. So, for the introverts out there? Come home. And for the extroverts? Come take a peek through our window.

Our Objective

We would like for introverts to never feel like being introverted is a weird thing. We would like the world to know that introversion isn’t something that needs to be fixed. And we would like to be a source of education about introversion for both introverts and extroverts alike.

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