How To Turn Down An Invite! 5 Tips

From time to time introverts get invited to do things that they don't want to do. Here are five tips to help them turn down an invite! #introvert

People are going to invite you to do things that you don’t feel like doing. ALL THE TIME. That’s just the way it is. But it’s your fault, you shouldn’t have been so charming. Often, introverts just say yes to whatever they were invited to, kick themselves for it later and then either go to […]

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5 Self-Care Tips For Introverts

Self care is a very important subject and one that often gets little to no attention. People are so busy taking care of others and getting things done that need to be done, that they forget about themselves. I personally feel that self care is something that needs to be done too though, it’s not […]

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5 Things That Introverts HATE!

Being an introvert can be tough! Here's a blog post about five things that introverts HATE.

Introverts are often misunderstood and prejudged. People often assume the wrong things about us based upon our actions and behaviors. And while it is understandable because not everyone is an introvert so OF COURSE not everyone is properly informed about what it even means to be one, that doesn’t mean that we don’t sometimes grow […]

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So, I just recently indulged in some online shopping. Online shopping just so happens to be my favorite form of shopping for a multitude of reasons. I don’t have to be around a bunch of people while I’m browsing I don’t have to worry about random salespeople knocking on my fitting room door inquiring about […]

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Every introvert has embarrassing moments. In what seems to be an extrovert’s world where we are placed in situations in which we are forced to “come out of our shells” it’s bound to happen. Well, there’s one moment for me that really stands out. It was so mortifying for me, although now I can look […]

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