5 Ways to Recharge from Social Burnout

Did a little too much trying to keep up with the extroverts? Here's a post with 5 ways to recharge! #introvert #recharge

As introverts, we’ve all been there. You went out to a Christmas party or maybe a birthday get together. It took every bit of energy you had to make it through the night. Maybe you rode there with someone else and you couldn’t leave at your desired time. Whatever the case may be, you’ve finally made it back to the house and now you’re feeling depleted and run down. How are you to restore yourself? Look no further. Here are five ways to mentally recharge from social burnout. (Want a checklist filled with mental recharging essentials? Get a free one when you SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter!)


Meditation is one of my favorite ways to rejuvenate when I come back home feeling frazzled and wired. Hell, I meditate ANYTIME my vibes are off. Meditation is seriously the driving force behind my sanity if I’m being honest. And it’s not as complicated to do as one may think.

It can be as simple as sitting in a quiet, dimly lit room, getting into a comfortable seated position, and focusing on your breath with your eyes closed. You could also search YouTube where you will find a plethora of guided meditations varying in purpose and length. If you are a beginner, I HIGHLY recommend guided meditation. It’s super easy. My personal favorite YouTube channel for guided meditation is TheHonestGuys.

And if you want to take it a step further, you can try binaural beats. Binaural beats are basically sound waves tuned to a certain frequency to deliver certain results. You’ll find binaural beats for just about any subject from anxiety to lucid dreaming. I’m fairly new to the world of binaural beats, but have been thoroughly enjoying them and find them pretty effective. They’re amazing. 


Another way to wind down and get your mind right after a night out is to do a yoga class. I know what you’re thinking. “I’m NOT going back outside right now!” Well, you don’t have to! And you don’t have to spend a dime either (we all know how pricey a yoga class at the studio can be). So long as you have an internet connection or a proper data plan on your phone, you can practice from the comfort of your home for $0!

Again, you can turn to YouTube and choose from a variety of yoga classes from restorative classes to power yoga classes. It’s all really a matter of what floats your boat or what you’re looking for at the moment. You even get to decide on the length. I’ve seen videos as short as 5 minutes and as long as 2 hours! My personal favorite online yoga teachers are YogaWithAdriene, YogaWithKassandra and SarahBethYoga. These are my go to instructors, they have a variety of classes and they are beginner friendly. But, feel free to explore for yourself and find what you like! Did I mention that it’s free? Ok, cool.


Don’t ever underestimate the power of a good cup of tea! Tea can be so therapeutic and it can have many health benefits as well! From lowering blood pressure to improving the immune system, the benefits are endless. My personal favorite for unwinding is Sleepytime Honey Vanilla Chamomile. I come home, slip on my PJ’s and brew a nice hot cup of tea with honey and lemon. It feels like I’m massaging my insides! This is one of the more effortless ways to unwind but it’s still just as effective.


Probably the most tried and true way to unwind after coming home from a long day of socializing is to turn on some relaxing music, light a few candles and take a good old fashioned hot bath. The heat from the water really works at relaxing all the muscles of the body. Add some essential oils to the mix and you’ve got yourself a party! Just thinking about it is tempting me to be honest.


Sometimes you gotta take it way back to the preschool days and curl up for a nice nap (teddy bear optional). I believe that naps are rather important and should still be utilized in adulthood. Not only are naps revitalizing, but they are actually good for your health! Studies have found that napping can boost your immune system and encourage weight loss among other things. So what are you waiting for? Draw the curtains and get your butt in bed!

What are some of your favorite ways to unwind after socializing a little too much? Tell me in the comments!

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Did a little too much trying to keep up with the extroverts? Here's a post with 5 ways to recharge! #introvert #recharge

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