4 Reasons Why I’d Rather Hang Out With My Cat

Let's face it, sometimes cats are cooler than people! Here's a blog post about why sometimes it's more enjoyable to hang out with cats.

I have a cat named Queen and she’s one of my favorite “people” to hang out with. In fact there are plenty of times when I’ve been out hanging with actual people and in the back of my mind all I’m thinking about is how I vibe so much better with my cat. Some people might consider this pathetic, but hey that’s just what it is. I’m certainly not ashamed of it. I like what I like.

Part of me actually believes that I may have been a cat in a past life, but that’s another post for another day. Soooo, I’m not sure how to segue this, but I’m about to talk at length about why I like to hangout with my cat. Here goes.


My cat has really blossomed into such a chill feline. I’m so proud of her. I must say, things were looking pretty bleak back in her kitten days. I actually didn’t like her very much back then, though I’m sure the feeling was mutual. Hell, I wasn’t even claiming her as my own (she’s technically my husband’s cat anyway. He found her outside and brought her home when she was just a month old.). She was just too………much.

She was incredibly hyperactive, she would climb every thing in sight AND THEN jump off of it and she was VERY liberal with the biting and the claws whenever I tried to play with her. Worst of all, the respect just wasn’t there. Like I remember one time I was laying my head in my husband’s lap and then she came and sat on it. My head. She sat on my head.

But now, all of that is a thing of the past. We’ve since worked out our issues and we’re good now. It’s certainly helped that she’s gotten calmer with age. Now, I’m left with this sweet, chill little kitty-kitty. We don’t even have to lock her out of the bedroom at night anymore. She just finds herself a corner of the bed to sleep and calls it a night. No more surprise foot attacks!


I’m under the impression that Queen is an introvert as well because she goes off to be alone just about as much as I do. Don’t get me wrong, she needs her daily dose of attention (as do I), but for the most part she likes to find an unoccupied bedroom in the house and set up shop there for the better part of the day. And trust me, not all cats behave in this manner. Contrary to popular belief, not every cat likes to be left alone.

I have another cat named Pretty Boy (he lives with my mom because he and Queen couldn’t get along) and he used to follow me EVERYWHERE. If I went to the kitchen, he’d be there. If I sat on the front porch for some fresh air, he’d be there. If I went to the bathroom, HE’D BE THERE. Once, I even woke up from my sleep in the middle of the night to find him sitting beside my bed staring at me (it was in that moment that I understood why some people are terrified of cats). He loves to be in the mix and he loves attention which, I have to admit, got more than just a little overwhelming at times. Now, he follows my mom everywhere (she’d never admit it, but she loves it.).

Queen, on the other hand, isn’t following anyone anywhere. And if she does follow you? Be concerned. The last time she followed me around was when she had gotten into some peanut butter and wasn’t feeling too well. SIDEBAR: Does anyone else’s cat love peanut butter? Because I find her obsession with it so odd. Anyway, moving on.


Sleeping is literally one of my favorite things to do. Specifically napping. There’s something about waking up from a nap. I get this special feeling that I don’t get when I wake up in the morning. One thing about me though, I HATE to sleep alone. Whenever I go to sleep alone, I usually have nightmares and I wake up with anxiety.

I never really have to sleep alone though, because Queen always seems to sense when I’m gonna take a nap and she always comes to nap beside me. Either that or she was already sleeping in my bed to begin with (did I mention that she thinks that every piece of furniture in the house belongs to her?). So it all just works out. And I love that whenever I wake up from my nap, she’s right there. It’s reassuring in a way and keeps me from experiencing anxiety.


Queen is an extremely quiet cat. There are lots of cats that will meow all day and all night until you submit to them *cough cough* Pretty Boy *cough cough* which can leave one feeling completely frazzled and on edge. Not Queen. In fact, for the first year or so after my husband rescued her, she only meowed a few times that I had heard. It was so strange to me, but I guess some cats just don’t have much to say. It’s definitely much appreciated. And when she does decide to meow, it’s like a little surprise.

So what about you? Got a pet that you prefer to be around more than some of your friends? Lets have an “Omg, so relatable!” session in the comments!

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Let's face it, sometimes cats are cooler than people! Here's a blog post about why sometimes it's more enjoyable for introverts to hang out with cats.

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  1. I have 2 cats! This is completely relatable! My cats do follow me a little when I get home from work, but I don’t mind since it lasts a minute or two. They are great company without the small talk and awkwardness!

    1. Yeah see that’s what I like about most cats. They like a little attention, but not TOO much, just like me. It’s a match made in heaven honestly. Lol.

  2. I also prefer hanging out with my cat than with people in general, for a lot of the same reasons you mentioned. I like having my quiet time and my cat is great company. She usually lies beside me on the bed and we often just spend the weekends chilling out. Not doing much of anything but enjoying each other’s presence.

    Great article!

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