6 Reasons Why It’s GREAT To Be An Introvert!

Although being an introvert can be hard at times, there's actually some perks to the introvert lifestyle. Here are 6 Reasons Why It's GREAT to be an Introvert!

There usually isn’t much focus on what’s good about being an introvert. Usually we like to talk about why it’s hard to be an introvert or what’s annoying about it. And while it is true that being an introvert can be hard because not everyone understands why we are the way that we are. And while we seem to be constantly defending our actions, in all honesty, there is nothing else that I would want to be.

Being an introvert is so great! There are so many advantages to being an introvert that I personally would never want to give up. Here are six reasons why I actually prefer to be one.


Introverts are usually alone. Most people correlate spending large amounts of time by yourself with being lonely. Usually when people think of someone who is often alone, they think of a sad and depressed person who would benefit from a companion. But, in the case of the introvert, this is simply untrue (unless you’re trying to give me a puppy or something).

Introverts can spend copious amounts of time alone and still not feel lonely. In fact, we THRIVE in our alone time. Introverts spend their alone time rejuvenating and entertaining themselves. Think of the effect that water has on a dry sponge. That’s the effect that alone time has on an introvert.

Being surrounded by large groups of people in some cases can actually be what makes an introvert feel lonely. That’s not to say that introverts don’t value spending time with others though. We most certainly enjoy other people, just the right people in the right amounts when we feel like it.


Just because an introvert may not be doing much interacting, it doesn’t mean that they’ve mentally checked out. We’re very observant beings and we notice a lot. We notice your facial expressions and body language and we’re good at getting a feel for your energy. Even if you were trying to hide how you were actually feeling, an introvert will notice the subtleties in your behavior that may give you away.

What’s great about this is that we can usually tell who’s being authentic and who isn’t, keeping us from embarking upon shallow relationships. Another benefit to our observant nature is that we notice what people like and what they don’t like making us great gift givers and less likely to accidentally push your buttons, among other things.


Introverts have very rich inner worlds so they are constantly entertained by themselves. This means that they don’t have to rely on other people being around for them to have a good time. Introverts could spend hours upon hours lost in the various thoughts floating around the recesses of their minds. They are incredibly imaginative and literally have a whole other WORLD that they escape to in their minds whenever they can.

As an introvert, my thoughts are my happy place. I can’t count the number of times I’ve unwittingly lost an entire day just daydreaming.


Extroverts like to be around other people because it gets them going. People bring them to life. For introverts, the opposite is true. Introverts leave the house with a full battery and when they come back from socializing that battery is much weaker. And luckily, we are self sufficient in a way that we can bring life to OURSELVES.

This is a very good trait to have because, again, we don’t have to be reliant upon others to feel a certain way. All we have to do is get some time alone doing the things that we find relaxing and enjoyable and all of a sudden we feel fresh again. It’s nice to feel completely frazzled and not like yourself and be able to remedy that problem without any help.


An introvert won’t forge a relationship with just any old body. The LAST thing that they want in their life is a shallow relationship. There has to be an actual connection there, some substance. We’re not out here just befriending people just for the sake of having another contact in our phone. In fact, the number of people we know is one of the last things we worry about. We value quality over quantity when it comes to the people in our lives.

Because introverts are picky in this way, they form incredibly deep bonds with the people that they DO choose to have in their lives. You know those friendships that feed your soul? You know that person that seems to be able to read your mind and always knows what your thinking? Or that person who always mercilessly makes you laugh until you’re crying? Those are the types of relationships that introverts have in their lives. So, while we may not have very many people that we call “friend”, the ones that we do are very special people.


Because introverts spend so much time with themselves, they can become pretty introspective. Introspection comes with it’s own set of benefits among them being the opportunity to get to know yourself on a deeper level. It can be highly beneficial to sit and think about who you are as a person. Maybe you’ll come across things that you possibly want to change or improve upon.

Are you REALLY happy with your life? Are you proud of the person that you’re becoming? You’ll never really know until you spend that time self evaluating. Maybe you’ll realize how far you’ve come on your journey and how much you have to be grateful for. Or maybe you’ll even have a revelation about yourself and your behaviors. The list of things that you can find out about yourself are endless and introverts are often thinking in this way and thus optimizing their lives.

So those were some of the things that I love about being an introvert. What are your favorite things about the introvert lifestyle? Please share down below!

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Although being an introvert can be hard at times, there's actually some perks to the introvert lifestyle. Here are 6 Reasons Why It's GREAT to be an Introvert!


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  1. YAAAS to authentic relationships and recharging!!

    Sometimes I get caught up in who I’m expected to be (loud and outgoing) that I forget to love my introvert qualities. Thanks for shining light on how awesome introverts are!

    And my favorite part of being an introvert is knowing that my life will only be filled with people who truly get me 🙂

    <3, Alexis

    1. Yeah, I think that all of us introverts sometimes get caught up in trying to put on an extroverted facade from time to time. So exhausting! Thank you for your comment, Alexis!

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