5 Introvert-Friendly Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday!

How do introverts celebrate their birthday? Here are five different introvert-friendly ways to celebrate!

Birthdays are a pretty big deal for a lot of people. People often spend MONTHS planning the perfect birthday celebration, going so far as to declare the entire week of their birthday their “birthday week”. Personally, I’m not one of these people. I don’t know if this correlates to my introversion or the fact that I look at my birthday as just another day. It’s probably both of those things combined actually.

When my birthday finally rolls around, first of all it catches me off guard. To be honest, I’m always so pumped for Halloween, which is just a few days before, that my birthday becomes an after thought. I can understand the excitement that comes along with birthdays though. The anniversary of the day that you were born is a special day (whether it’s more special than Halloween is still up for debate) so I decided to come up with a list of introvert-friendly ways to celebrate your birthday.


So, obviously I had to mention old faithful. Dinner and a movie is the classic night out and it’s nice and introvert-friendly. You can invite as many people as you want and it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a chill and fun time (assuming that you don’t invite anyone’s sworn enemy).

Pick your favorite restaurant, choose a movie that looks good, call a few people that you love spending time with and have a ball! *Make sure that your friends don’t have the servers sing “Happy Birthday” to you.


It’s always nice to have a few of your friends over in celebration of you. Not sure what a laid back introvert party is? I wrote a post about it, but it’s basically a kick back of sorts where you invite all of your most chill friends and family and you partake in chill activities, nothing too rowdy. And the most important part of an introvert-friendly party? Having everyone leave by a certain time!

This would be a great way to celebrate your birthday. You get to see all of your closest family and friends, but don’t have to spend so much time with them that you get burnt out. (Want a fun printable checklist with mental recharge essentials? Receive one when you subscribe to our newsletter!)


I don’t know about you, but between all of the phone calls, texts and Facebook notifications, I tend to lose steam rather quickly. This is why my favorite way to spend my birthday is in secret. I never really tell anyone when my birthday is coming up. The only people who ever know that it’s my birthday are my closest family and friends and if they forget–oh well! No hard feelings. If you’re like me and you would like to do away with all of the birthday wishes, I highly recommend that you take advantage of this method.


A lot of times, with all of these massive amounts of attention coming their way, introverts just want to forget it’s their birthday all together. What better way to forget about yourself than to volunteer! Just because it’s your birthday it doesn’t mean that it has to be ALL about you.

You can dedicate your birthday to your favorite cause. Animal shelter? Soup kitchen? Senior center? You decide! There are so many charities worth your time.¬†*BONUS* If you’re really in the giving mood, have your loved ones donate to a charity of your choice instead of buying you a present.


Do you have Groupon? If not, you should really think about getting it! It’s basically an app full of coupons on things from appliances to tropical getaways. There’s a section that has coupons dedicated to the fun things that you can do around your neighborhood.

This could be super fun for your birthday. You and a couple of friends could purchase a few groupons for things that you’ve been meaning to try. Maybe you want to try out that new yoga studio that they just opened up. Maybe you’ve decided that you have the guts to try an escape room. Or maybe you want to try one of those art classes where you drink wine and paint. There are SO many fun options!

These were just a few fun and introvert-friendly ways you could possibly spend your birthday. Have any more suggestions? Comment them down below!

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How do introverts celebrate their birthday? Here are five different introvert-friendly ways to celebrate! #introvert #birthday

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